Our Approach

Like every business, each assignment we take is unique.

But whatever it is, the customer you are trying to reach and the objectives of the business usually take centre stage in planning our approach.

We know there’s no one-size fits all, but here’s a rundown of how we like to think when looking at something new.

1. Understand Business, Brand & Context

What are your current and longer-term marketing objectives? How can we make a difference? Establish the appetite for trying something new.

2. Determine Strategy & Scope of Project

Select the areas where a difference can be made based on our skills/experience. Establish what success would look like in each area.

3. Establish Audience or Customer Profile

Who are you trying to reach and how do you interact with these people already? Visualise and establish the people they are, their locations and ultimate motivations.

4. Formulate the Plan

Select the right routes to engage the audiences/customers you crave. Establish budgets for additional investment or expertise. Get the branding right.

5. Activate

Deploy assets or content in line with the plan. Start to create leads, fresh audience or whatever success looks like. Monitor and evaluate throughout.

6. Land & Convert

Tinker with customer journeys and conversion rates. Test new processes and increase performance of campaigns. Consider how investment rates against ROI and key measures.

7. Engage & Deepen Relationship

Turn customers or audience into advocates. Build greater satisfaction and deliver repeat business.

8. Review

Make a thorough analysis of how it has all performed. Think lessons learned, what went well, what didn’t. Revise the approach and tweak the strategy.

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