5 Big Changes in TV You Need to Know

There’s a revolution going on in TV-land and that time you spend with that big screen in your living room is changing rapidly. Here’s particular themes to consider and what it might mean for marketing. Cord-Cutting ‘Over-the-top’ (OTT) or 'Cord Cutting' as a concept...

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Getting the UK’s Talent and Lifestyle Balance Right

It is a fact that the UK suffers from a very imbalanced economy. As a result, the majority of exciting career challenges is geographically limited to London and the South East. But for enlightened employers and smart employees willing to look beyond the Watford Gap,...

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Here We Go Then…or…Our First Post

Right, let's get this thing started shall we? Our very first post. The last few weeks have been busy, very busy. Yes there's been a bit of travel and plenty of meetings but in particular there's been a a great deal of thinking done. There are never enough hours in the...

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